Sunday, May 23, 2010


Working on a new site for my blog as part of an overall website. Who the hell knows when it's going to be finished but it is going to happen, very soon I hope. Once it does I will put the new link on this site but this is just a heads upfor those loyal readers, all 6-7 of you to be prepared. For those who have me on your blogroll a new link will be necessary, for those who don't it will be a good chance to add anew listing. Thank You


Well it isn't totally ready but the framework is up and can be found at or


Memphis MOJO said...

keep us posted.

Wolfshead said...


Links for the new site are out there but still a work in progress. Using freeware for design of the website and haven't figured it all out yet. Kind of limited too. Using Wordpress for the blog and that's not very customizable unless you find the right themes so I need to sort thru them and see what is out there. Right now using a bare bones one. Also the conversion from blogger to wordpress didn't go so well and lost my links and labels so gonna be working on it for awhile tho I may use it while working. Like a fixer upper

Memphis MOJO said...

When I try I get a 505 error message. Same with the other link. (I'm not complaining, just letting you know.)

Wolfshead said...

wonder why. It's a remote host so it's not on my computer and it comes in for me

Memphis MOJO said...

Below is what I see:

500 Error - Web Site is Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.

Please try again later.

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Panharith said...

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